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Organic - Non GMO - Cruelty Free


What is sugar hair removal? Sugar paste itself is made of 3 ingredients; citric acid (lemon juice) water and sugar. It looks similar to honey or maple syrup. YUM!

This is a completely natural form of hair removal. One of the differences between sugaring and waxing is sugar removes your hair in the same direction of growth. This, over time leads to permanency, finer hair, and less of it in the desired area. 


Who is sugaring best for? The client who has sensitive skin. The client who has had a poor reaction to wax. The client who is looking for a more natural alternative to hair removal. The client who wishes to have less hair with each treatment. The client who has been bruised or experienced lifted skin as a result from waxing. 


Why sugaring? Over time sugaring leads to less hair, finer hair and permanency. Everything from my gloves to the sugar paste itself is biodegradable. How cool? I know! 

Over time with consistent treatments you can begin to come in less often because your natural growth has diminished tremendously. 

Sugar Paste
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